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Individual mentoring of experimental projects, techniques, manual film development.

What if we allow ourselves to let go of the idea of a perfect image? What if we allow ourselves to go deeper within? How can we connect with our creative nature to produce images?

A tailored space according to the needs of each participant, to introduce or deepen ourselves in the world of manual film photography processes, for learning development, intervention and experimentation techniques. Within this social and cultural context where everything is fast, automatic, digital and post-production focused; finding expressive possibilities to venture into our own subtle world of discovery, connection and creation.

Expand your creative horizons and manifest your ideas. Without the need to have previous knowledge and with continuous support even after the mentoring has finished.

Course Outline

Each participant, according to their interest, may choose an encompassive topic:

  • Interventions on the undeveloped film.
  • Interventions on the negative or positive.
  • Manual development processes.

Or select specific techniques within this list:

  • Pushing or Pulling film.
  • Double Exposure & Film Swap.
  • Light painting.
  • Internal Masks.
  • Redscale.
  • Expose Both Sides (EBS).
  • Film Soup.
  • Intervention on negatives.
  • Destruction of the support.
  • Embroidery on Photographs.
  • Solarigraphy.
  • Cyanotype & Lumen Print.
  • Polaroid Emulsion Lift.
  • C-41 and ECN-2 development.
  • B&W development.
  • E6/Slide alternative development.
  • Experimental development.


  • Have an analog camera preferably manual.
  • Possibility of carrying out exercises, developing and/or digitizing productions during the course of the mentoring.

Online sessions - between 1:30 to 2 hours each. Days, frequency and time to be arranged. 

The amount of 'sessions' depend on the amount of techniques chosen and the needs of the participant.

LIMITED QUOTES. Available for all English-speaking countries.

Request your proposal with the "Consultar Precio" button or by email at [email protected] detailing the topic or techniques to work on. The value of each class is USD24.

Payments in dollars or euros (USD/EUR) with PayPal transfer.